WAU Global Thinkers Making a Difference Locally and Globally: Arnaldo Rodrigues

Written by: Dr. Beulah Manuel, Director International Student Program

Arnaldo Rodrigues is a native of The Republic of Cape Verde, an island country in the Central Atlantic Ocean.  He came to Washington Adventist University in 2015 and graduated in 2017 with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

Today, Arnaldo is working in the professional field he had decided from the very beginning, which is teaching.  He teaches Portuguese Language and Communication and Expression, Organizational Studies, Communication Management, and Technical English in different schools and polytechnic vocational training centers in his home country.

He also works as a notable professional in the field of Public Administration where he offers excellent help to school projects and assisted in obtaining roughly $250,000 for various schools

Arnaldo has this to say about his life at WAU: “I have deep gratitude for the invaluable support and contribution WAU had in my personal and professional life. The institution has been a great blessing to me, and because of its Christian vision of excellence in academics and service, I believe that I will be a competent moral leader in my country and globally.”

Arnaldo’s wife, Yolanda, a BS Nursing major, and his daughter, Naomy, pursuing a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, are currently students at WAU. We congratulate Arnaldo and wish him and his family continued success

Arnaldo’s Rodrigues’ contact Info: arnaldorodrigues6467@gmail.com


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