Written by: Dachele Cuke

There’s nothing like WAU’s week of prayer, also known as WISE week. It brings an atmosphere to the campus that nothing else can bring, and for that we are thankful. WISE week, which happened January 27th – February 1st was all about testimony and bringing the university community closer to God. 


The theme of the week was focused on the book of Ephesians and the speakers were; Javier Sharon, Javel Walcott, Andre Lavache, Emmanuel Fortin, Justino Jorge, and Jorge Mendoza. Each speaker did a fantastic job on their chapter of emphasis and everyone was so blessed!


Not only were the speakers such a blessing but the music as well. The praise team lifted our hearts every day of that week with music that sounded so sweet and that simply brought the Holy Spirit into the room. It’s always nice when students sing and play instruments; reminds us of what heaven will be like. 


During each WISE presentation was something unique, the student speakers spoke on the topic of Ephesians but also on personal struggles and stories, helping us get to know them more. What shined the most is their love for Jesus and the passion that they had to spread His message. The age range of the speakers varied from older to younger, but their passion remained the same.


Something that really stood out during WISE week was the special prayer activity that was done after each sermon. Everyone in the audience would separate into groups and pray together for different things, such as, repentance and thankfulness. It was wonderful to see strangers and new students getting into personal prayers around the church. It brought connectivity to people that may have never spoken to each other.


All and all, WISE week was a blessing and we can’t wait for more of what the Ministry department at WAU has for us next! There are big plans for upcoming chapels that shouldn’t be missed! Every Wednesday at 11:15 am, Sligo SDA Church


See you there!

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