Written by: Giovanni Torrente

TAKOMA PARK, MARYLAND – Washington Adventist University takes immense pride in the impressive growth of its business department, showcasing exceptional proficiency in connecting students with the vast opportunities available in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

Notably, a highly anticipated trip is scheduled for October 27th, promising students a remarkable experience by granting them access to the prestigious International Monetary Fund.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is a prominent financial institution under the United Nations umbrella, funded by 190 member countries and headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The IMF is entrusted with three pivotal missions:

  • Fostering international monetary cooperation.
  • Promoting trade expansion and economic growth.
  • Discouraging policies that may hinder prosperity.

This excursion presents a unique opportunity for our business students to engage with one of the most globally relevant entities. During the approximately hour-long presentation, the students will have the chance to delve deeper into their understanding of the IMF’s functions and regulations, sparking their curiosity and raising pertinent questions.

Dr. Williams, a faculty member, noted, “This experience goes beyond the confines of textbooks. Visiting an institution that students have only read about enhances their appreciation and comprehension. Moreover, being situated at Washington Adventist University allows students to tap into the abundant resources of the D.C. area. Ultimately, I hope this exposure ignites their passion and shapes their future careers in finance, economics, or accounting.”

In the long run, it would be a pleasure to witness one of WAU’s students working at the IMF, addressing global issues such as exports and imports, the impact of economic troubles on businesses, and government payment balances.

To further underscore the department’s success, it is crucial to highlight the efficacy of WAU’s internship program in securing full-time employment for its students. Naomi Davis is a shining example, having completed an internship with ADRA (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) and attaching a permanent position with the company. Furthermore, the organization has expressed interest in hiring two more students due to her exceptional performance.

Additionally, Dr. Williams observed, “There is a noticeable increase in the enrollment of international students, which is encouraging as business professionals often need to navigate diverse cultures. Early exposure to such a global environment places our students ahead on their professional journeys.”

In conclusion, palpable excitement permeates WAU’s Business department, fueled by the diverse cultural tapestry woven by European, South American, and African students within the classroom. Combined with the unparalleled real-world opportunities offered by the Washington, D.C. area, the journey may begin with the IMF, but the ultimate destination is global leadership.