Written by: Estephanie Sequeira

Nuha Taweel is a woman who gave her entire heart to Washington Adventist University’s kitchen; A place she can call her second home. Her journey working at this University to her recent retirement in August is a reminder to us that God sees us. Each aspect of our lives is essential to Him, the large and the small. 

Taweel came to the United States from Jordan, Middle East. When she first arrived in the States, she desperately needed a job. Her first job was at Takoma Academy Food Services. Although she had found a job, she had very little hours. This was a challenge, primarily because she had to support her young children. In the midst of her job hunt, she took a leap of faith and applied to Washington Adventist University, which was known as Columbia Union College at the time.

After constant prayer,  she received an offer to work at WAU. Although she did not have much experience with vegetarian recipes, they accepted her application! Her acceptance to WAU was indeed the answer to her prayers. God saw her needs and multiplied them. In addition, before Taweel came to the States, she feared she wouldn’t find a job in a Christian environment. However, God made a way and it undoubtedly happened.  The Lord ultimately led her to WAU in His timing.

Taweel recalled that prayer was the tool that motivated her to push through the difficult days, primarily because work in a kitchen is not an easy task. While she worked at WAU, her health had its rough patches. However, it was through her communication with God where she attained strength. In fact, every single morning before entering the kitchen, she’d pray the following:

“Dear God, guide me as I work in the kitchen today, help me make it through this day.” 

When you pray, God always listens. Never doubt the power invested in prayer.

“Learning new things was perhaps the biggest blessing I could ever ask for”

At WAU, she learned abundantly from her team. Keep in mind, she was not familiar with vegetarian recipes when she first began. Yet, the more she learned, the more she grew. In fact, her favorite meal, which she learned to cook, was the Special Kellough and  Meatloaf!

Through her work in the WAU kitchen has come to an end, Her advice for her team and our readers is this: “Be kind to yourself. When God says it’s time for you to stop, then let it be.” She will miss her peers tremendously but she felt that it was her time to retire. 

The memories are forever engraved in her heart, and she will never forget how God worked in her life. He multiplied what seemed the impossible, and led her to a place where she met a great team and life-long friends. HE SAW HER and knew her every single need. This is an encouragement to keep that same faith because he can do the same for YOU.


Special Acknowledgments:

Taweel gives special thanks to  Mike Womack who had worked with her for a total of fifteen years! “ I will never forget Mr. Mike Womack. He means so much to me and I am extremely grateful for him.

She also gives a special thanks to President Spence, the faculty, and the student body.

“ Work in the kitchen is not easy. Whenever I’d see them walk in, their presence and their smiles would always brighten my days.

Lastly, to all of her family in the kitchen: “ Put God first in your life. Work together, love each other, and make sure to enjoy every memory. I will never forget you guys and I will be back to visit you soon. 

“ I put my whole heart into that kitchen for thirty-two years. It was my second home. You all blessed my life tremendously, and I will never forget you all”

Honorable Mention: Special thanks to Kathy Hecht for requesting this article be made in honor of Nahu.

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