Let Him Choose Your Boots

A Lesson of Gratitude  | Written by: Estephanie Sequeira

G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E, a word that we come across in our daily lives. From an early age, one is taught to be grateful. However, what does it mean to be thankful, genuinely? 

Winter was right around the corner, and all Synthia wanted was to buy a pair of ugg boots. All of her friends had bought matching pairs, yet she was the only one without them. As she watched her friends roam among the halls with their pink and fluffy uggs, she felt excluded and desired to have them as well. “Come on, girls, let’s take a photo of our boots. Synthia, would you mind taking the photo for us?” shouted one girl. As the girls got into position, Synthia wondered, if only I had the ugg boots, I could have been in the photo

“Sometimes, we may believe we need something when in reality we don’t. The things that we do need, we often take for granted. We may only want things because others have them, not because it will benefit us.”

When Synthia got home, she immediately begged her mother to take her to the store to buy the pink uggs. When they arrived at the store, Synthia made her way to the famous isle of the ugg boots. In a haste, she grabbed the last pair of pink uggs and showed them to her mother who was on the opposite aisle. 

“Mom, these are the boots that I WANT!”

“ Is that so?” Her mother said.

“Yes, I need them. All of my friends have them and I want to be just like them.”

Her mother then pulled out another pair of boots that she had found in the other aisle and said:

“The boots that I have would benefit you far more than a pair of ugg boots. These are much more durable and are meant to be used for snow. As pretty as the pink ugg boots may appear, the boots that I have will last you in the long run. Sometimes we may believe we need something when in reality we don’t. We may only want things because others have them, not because it will benefit us.”

Gratitude is accepting what we need, not what we want. You see, God’s blessings may not always come as we expect, but He knows exactly what we need. Synthia really wanted those ugg boots, yet her mother knew that the other pair of boots would last longer; it was what she needed. Synthia’s sole purpose was to become just like her friends, which prevented her from seeing the true blessing. Likewise, sometimes God may bless us with something that we genuinely need, yet we refuse to accept it because we may want to follow the crowd. Truthfully, the crowd may blur the vision that God has set before us. Being grateful may not be easy, especially when things aren’t going as we had planned. God loves you, and He will never forsake you! He will take care of you and your needs. I encourage you in this season of thanksgiving to be grateful for the blessings that God has bestowed upon you. 

 Let the Lord choose your boots, so that you may walk on His path and not yours.

Repeat this prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you for all that you do.

Forgive me for being so consumed with my wants, 

and for following the crowd. 

Lord, you know exactly what I need.

I let go of my wants,

and I am asking that you teach me your ways.

Lord, I haven’t been grateful lately

and I admit that it’s hard,

especially when I don’t receive what I want.

Yet, I want to thank you

for what you have done for me thus far.

I trust that you will meet the needs of my heart.

Thank you Lord,

and continue to teach me about gratitude,

because I can only learn it from you.

In your name I pray



Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever.

                                                  Psalm 106:1

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