Nursing Students Recieve Scholarships from Adventist HealthCare

Written by: Shannon Smith


On Monday, December 14, 2020, Washington Adventist University (WAU) and Adventist HealthCare held a virtual inaugural event, “Extending God’s Care.” The event celebrated a new commitment with Adventist HealthCare to provide exceptional students with the funds to continue and complete their education. The WAU Nursing department students selected are returning seniors finishing their last year and preparing to join the workforce.  


President Spence stated, “…we are recognizing the establishment of an agreement that will not only enhance the university in providing a pathway for employment for our students but establishing a relationship with Adventist HealthCare to be their workforce supplier…to prepare our students to be distinctive contributors to the mission of God’s care.”


The four WAU Nursing department students who received scholarships from Adventist HealthCare were honored during this meeting. These recipients were each introduced to the attendees and honored for their hard work and scholarship eligibility. The Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Adventist HealthCare, Brendan Johnson, said to the honorees, “It’s my honor that as you have had a chance to move from one family to another…that we [WAU and Adventist HealthCare] both value people, value extending God’s care, and we are so excited to be able to offer you scholarships to continue the work that you are doing taking care of patients, taking care of the communities, and extending God’s care with us.”

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