Ready for You! Pre-Law Program

Written by: IMC Department

Deciding to go to university is a difficult choice for many aspiring students, but it is necessary for those looking to go into law school. However, often the concern these students face is how to choose the best path towards the goal of applying to law school. Most schools do not offer a pre-law major to undergraduates, and even if they do, it is not recommended as the right, and true way into law school—that in itself is a fallacy. There is no one specific major or program that one needs to take to get into these schools. Nonetheless, it is still essential to know about the legal system and be prepared to take the LSAT. Among other schools, Washington Adventist University is unique due to its proximity to Washington, D.C., but also its Pre-Law Curriculum program.

Under the Honors College, WAU offers a program that provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a career in law or law-related fields and the flexibility to major and minor in any other program they want while doing so. The Pre-Law program is not a major, but an added emphasis that enforces a brand new, formal curriculum with core classes that will help students hone their skills in critical and analytical thinking and persuasive discourse while introducing them to the American legal system. Upon graduation, students will receive a Pre-Law designation listed on their official transcript.

Aside from special elective courses like Business law, for the first time, the Pre-Law program will offer a series of small seminar courses concentrated on particular aspects of law taught by several experts in the area. In addition, an Advisory Board of alumni that are now practicing attorneys and other experts in the Washington, D.C. area has recently been created to help advise the curriculum and decisions for the Pre-Law program. They will also be available to mentor students to their best potential.

During their time at WAU, being a part of the Mock Trial Team introduces students to and allows them to practice being a part of the American court system. Although the club is open to all majors, only six are chosen to join the Mock Trial Team to compete and represent WAU in mock trial competitions along the East Coast. For those wanting to work in court settings, this program will be valuable to their growth as a lawyer.

The Honors College is excited to announce that the Center for Law and Public Policy is relaunching this Fall semester. Founded by Dr. Roy Branson in the 1990s, the Center for Law and Public Policy aims to provide students with exceptional opportunities to be directly involved in issues related to public policy on a local, and possibly state and national level. Through the lens of the law, students will be able to participate and contribute to legal issues related to public policies like healthcare and social welfare.

The most significant factor of the Pre-Law Curriculum program is that it will create well-rounded graduates prepared for any avenue they wish to take upon completing law school. With a law degree, it is possible to work in various areas of interest, from the courtroom to the sciences and liberal arts. So, if you think you might be interested in law or are still unsure, WAU is ready to aid its students in preparing the best options that will lead them closer to their goals. The Pre-Law Program is Ready For You!

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