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Written by: IMC Department

Over the past year, the world has been dealt with devastating losses–millions lost their very livelihoods and the ability to feel safe and secure in their environments. Despite the hardship, technology has provided tools to prevent the spread of the virus, empower those working on the frontlines and those at home, and better equipping us for the future.  And most importantly, technology has become the sole bridge between our connection to others and total isolation. But one must not forget the people who use their talents to invent, maintain, protect, support, and inspire with said technology. Here at Washington Adventist University (WAU), the Department of Computer Science values teaching those interested in the varying fields of computer science and information systems and preparing to share their knowledge and gifts in technology with the world. 

The Computer Science Department offers two main degrees: Computer Science and Information Systems. The Computer Science degree focuses on providing a theoretical foundation of computer science and implementing that knowledge into improving and inventing newer forms of technology. The Informational Systems degree focuses on hardware and software development, learning how to create and maintain networks used to collect and distribute data that helps to increase productivity and efficiency in numerous industries, mainly business. 

Students are advised to tailor their degrees to best align with their interests and ambitions. The Computer Science Department offers a minor in Web Development and Design for those interested in using their artistic skills to create graphics, layouts, and other visual elements for online interaction like interactive websites. They also offer courses that target specific career opportunities that students may be looking into. For this upcoming fall semester, the department is introducing a new course in Artificial Intelligence, which emphasizes fields such as Robotics. 

The Computer Science Department also encourages its students to join the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). ACM is the world’s largest computing society. It is a national organization that brings together computing students, educators, researchers, and top professionals to share resources and dialogue about their respective fields and their challenges. ACM sponsors competitions, provides volunteer and networking opportunities, and gives its members access to various resources, journals, and publications with the latest computing news and innovative research. 

The curriculum for computer science majors emphasizes experiential learning, and students are required to complete internships for hands-on experience before they graduate. WAU’s prime location on the East Coast and near the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., contributes to the extensive internships and job opportunities available before and after graduation. Several students have gone on to work for the NSA (National Security Agency), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and other government agencies, as well as other industries tied to research and development, internet security, networking and database systems, design, virtual modeling, game development, robotics, etc. 

The Computer Science department is Ready For You! The computer sciences have always been a field interested in the next, big innovation; however, the greatest asset of technology is its potential to offer support and bolster the productivity and efficiency of other fields in the sciences and humanities like medicine, agriculture, communications, music, business, and more. The Computer Science Department faculty are excited to see the students return to campus and resume learning, studying, and working towards making the world a better place–one idea at a time!

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