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Whether students have a focused aim for their future (such as Law school or Medical school) or haven’t decided on a single focus yet, the Honors College helps foster in-depth knowledge and skills while also emphasizing a breadth of knowledge that makes them valuable team members in any situation.

Degree and Academic Programs within the Honors College: Honors Interdisciplinary Degree, English, Pre-Law, Model United Nations, Center for Law and Public Policy, Center for Global Programs, David Jones Research Center

The Honors College offers academic degrees that are tailored to fit multiple student needs and academic interests, unique interdisciplinary courses that students can take for different types of credit, a streamlined Honors core general education curriculum that maximizes learning opportunities and expedites academic progress, and ‘Learning on Location’ courses and requirements that feature learning outside of the classroom around the Washington, D.C. region, at our sister institution in the United Kingdom, and in many other countries through Adventist Colleges Abroad.

There are internship opportunities at organizations in and around Washington, D.C., to develop valuable job skills and help students network. Students who have participated in local internships have often been given further job opportunities while still in school or after graduation. The Honors College interdisciplinary curriculum prepares students to enter a work environment that is constantly changing and gives students skills to adapt to whatever new situation arises. Honors College students tend to be “big thinkers” with multiple areas of interest. The Honors College’s interdisciplinary approach allows students to explore these multiple interests and prepares high-achieving students for any number of potential educational and career opportunities. Alumni of the Honors College have pursued diverse career tracks: graduate work in medicine, law, physical therapy, pharmacology, counseling, theology, and music performance (to name a few); other students have entered the workplace directly after college in areas such as nursing, academic administration, public relations, arts and humanities administration, international development, and many others.

Prime location near the Nation’s Capital allows for unparalleled access to cultural, political, and spiritual venues to provide an experience-rich education and internship and job opportunities in and around Washington, D.C.—opportunities to network with local, national, and world leaders.

Flexible, interdisciplinary degree options

1st and only Honors College among SDA colleges and universities

1st and only Model United Nations program among SDA colleges and universities

Unique academic “Centers of Emphasis” that focus on Law and Public Policy (including a comprehensive Pre-Law program and Mock Trial team)

Global Issues (including Model United Nations)


Modern Literature and Art

Adventist History

Built-in opportunities for Leadership and Service