WAU Business Department Visits the World Bank

The Department of Business and Computer Science at Washington Adventist University (WAU) visited the world bank recently – a trip that was dubbed “an Education Learning Experience in the Nation’s Capital” intended to provide a practical learning experience on the role and function of the World Bank. A total of 40 students and 5 faculty including Prof. Collins Odongo, who coordinated the trip, Dr. Patrick Williams, Dr. Andrea Baldwin, Dr. John Okon and Dr. Michael Lee. The trip provided valuable opportunities for our students to gain insights into the workings of this multi-national organization and how its functions impact the global society. We were greeted and welcomed by Ms. Li Lou who is the Bank’s External Affairs Officer, and its Bureau Engagement and Partnerships Speaker.

After going through the usual security clearance protocol and securing the entry badges, the group embarked on a tour of the facility which was followed by an informative session on the history, structure and global impact of the organization. The presentation provided a detailed overview of the World Bank Group in areas such as:

  • Its mission, organization, history, operations, projects, partnerships, and priorities
  • Food insecurity, conflict and violence
  • COVID-19 response

The students found the presentation to be quite useful and related to topics covered in some of their classes. They used the opportunity to query more about the global initiatives of the bank as it relates to other issues such as

  • Climate change and sustainability (e.g., a just transition away from fossil fuels, support for adaptation and mitigation, sustainable agriculture, food security etc.)
  • Human capital (e.g., vaccine access, health, nutrition, education, gender etc.)
  • Economic inclusion and debt (e.g., equitable economic recovery, growth, poverty, job creation, debt transparency etc.)
  • Digitalization

The outcome of the trip was quite productive for both faculty and students as many of our students have never had the experience of touring a multinational institution that has such global reach and impact. Ms. Li Lou shared with our students the steps they should follow to explore internship opportunities that are often available at the bank. The Department of Business seek to make this an annual event which will also include the International Monetary Fund.

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