WAU Honors College Hosts Religious Liberty Supreme Court Debrief

On Tuesday evening, April 18, the WAU Honors College hosted a ‘Supreme Court Oral Arguments Debrief’ event on the WAU campus in Takoma Park, MD. The event was a collaboration between the WAU Center for Law and Public Policy and Liberty Magazine and focused on the Groff v DeJoy Supreme Court case, which was argued in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC earlier in the day. Groff v. Dejoy addresses religious liberty and employment accommodations under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it is widely considered to be one of the most important religious liberty cases before the court in many years.

The event was moderated by Bettina Krause of Liberty Magazine and Nicholas Miller, a professor at the Andrews University Seminary and the Washington Adventist University Honors College. The moderators interviewed two attorneys who have been involved in the case: Alan Reinach, the Director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty for the Pacific Union Conference, who brought the original case to trail, and Hiram Sasser, an attorney from First Liberty, who has been involved in the appellate stages of the case.

“These kinds of events highlight how our location can present incredible opportunities for our students and the local community,” said Dr. Jonathan Scriven, Director of the Center for Law and Public Policy. “Because the Supreme Court is just a short drive from our campus, attorneys who are directly involved in the case, and who were at the oral arguments at the Supreme Court in the morning, were able to be on our campus a few hours later to present thoughts and analysis about the case.”

You can watch the recorded livestream of the event on the Liberty Magazine YouTube channel.
Photo (from left to right): Bettina Krause (Liberty Magazine), Hiram Sassar (First Liberty), Alan Reinach (Pacific Union Conference and the Church State Council), Nicholas Miller (Andrews University and Washington Adventist University Honors College).
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