WAU Requiring Vaccination for Fall Semester

Written by: Richard Castillo

Development and manufacture process of a new vaccine. Final production of filled vials of Covid-19 vaccine. Bio science 3D illustration.Washington Adventist University is taking action to offer the greatest safety and security to its campus community. In consultation with experts, regional municipalities, state and local governments, and sister institutions, the WAU COVID-19 Taskforce made the recommendation that all students, and employees, during the 2021 Fall Semester, be required to show proof of vaccination with the ability to waive the restrictions for religious or medical requirements. This recommendation was presented to the WAU Cabinet for consideration and passed. Please reach out to HR or Student Life if you have any questions.
Additionally, those individuals staying in the residence halls will be required to be vaccinated without waivers. This ensures the greatest safety, security, and equity among all residents living in close quarters.
All other pandemic mitigation measures must be maintained, such as masking, social distancing, and washing of hands as per the current CDC guidelines and recommendations.
Vaccinations are becoming more and more available at drugstores, doctor’s offices, and local county offerings. Please take advantage of these opportunities as soon as possible.
This pandemic has caused untold stress, pain, and disruptive elements to our university community. We look forward to a Fall semester bringing everyone back to campus. We’re excited to feel a sense of normalcy and progression as we get back to the race for success for our student body.
Thank you for all the prayers, support, and love the university has received during the pandemic, and we look forward to amazing blessings in the future as God carries our beloved institution forward.
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