Written by: Giovanni Torrente

TAKOMA PARK, MD – A newfound fervor has taken over the soccer fields of Washington Adventist University (WAU). This season, under the guidance of Coach Daniel Carroll, WAU’s Men’s Soccer Team is defying expectations and setting new benchmarks.

In just the first seven games, the stats tell a compelling story:

– 6 wins

– An impressive 43 goals 

– 30 assists 

– A total of 147 shots with 94 on target, boasting a 63% accuracy rate

– 5 shutouts 

“This group is incredibly gifted”, proudly states Coach Carroll, emphasizing the versatility and adaptability of his players. “They love to be challenged with new roles and responsibilities on the field that will help them to grow and mature as players.”

Carroll’s holistic approach and dedication have sculpted a squad that’s arguably the most formidable in the history of WAU’s men’s soccer. He has consistently advocated for pushing limits, stating, “The boys are bright-eyed, curious and willing to learn. They want to be challenged because that’s where growth and success lie, and they most certainly have their eyes on the prize.”

Despite the roaring success, Carroll ensures that complacency doesn’t set in. “I want to maintain high standards. So, I ask for more: more goals, more synergy, more speed in play. We’ve got the Conference and the National Tournaments on the horizon, and we aim to be more than ready.”

The recent dominating 3-0 victory over a reputable NCAA side has been the talk of the town. Moreover, it’s noteworthy to highlight the inherent challenges of competing against nationally ranked teams, even in the DC area, given the dynamics of their conference and budget constraints. 

WAU’s soccer story this season is one of ambition, resilience, and sheer talent. With each game, they aren’t just chasing the ball but a legacy that could redefine soccer at WAU. 

The message from Takoma Park is clear: They’re here to play, compete, and most importantly, to win.