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At the March meeting of the Washington Adventist University Board of Trustees today, Dr. Weymouth Spence presented a preview of the 2019-2020 budget. His presentation emphasized the university leadership team’s unwavering commitment to student success and recapped the growth seen in recent years.


Over the last decade, WAU’s retention rate has risen from 56% to 79%. WAU has invested over $30 million in infrastructure enhancements, physical plant renovation and new construction. Net assets for WAU have increased or risen from $15.9 million to $38.4 million since 2008. WAU also experienced an enrollment growth rate of 10%, the highest of any Adventist education institution for the current school year.


In his report, Dr. Spence also reiterated WAU’s commitment to staying current in an ever-changing educational landscape through student-centric learning. Growth and success for any institution of higher education will result in the necessity for adjustments and progressive movement, he said. Through annual assessment, WAU makes adjustments to virtually every aspect of the tapestry that comprises the fabric of our campus. As WAU moves to ensure 21 st century relevancy for our current and future students, institutional adjustments will allow for the university to be agile and thrive.


Dr. Spence reported that of the 63 degrees ( ) offered at the university, significant growth is seen in disciplines such as Nursing, Medical Imaging, Psychology, Pre-law and Music. He noted that there are fifteen programs that will be placed on hold pending required enrollment.


  • Associates Degrees: Arts General Studies; Science General Studies; Applied Science: Computer Science; Applied Science: Information Systems; Applied Science: Accounting
  • BA:Physical Education; Philosophy Religion; Mathematics
  • BM:Music Education
  • BS: Physical Education; Math Education; Medical Lab
  • MA: Public Administration; Religion; Nursing Education
  • REACH Columbia Union School of Evangelism


Current students will continue to be taught as required to finish their degree.


This list includes several associate degree programs that have become less relevant in the workforce and are typically offered at community colleges. Eight undergraduate and fourteen graduate students are currently within the programs which will be placed on hold. These students will continue to complete their WAU degree. Placing these degrees on hold will not eliminate the possibility of being reactivated, consistent with student demand.


As a result of these adjustments, WAU will reduce three positions, impacting two faculty and one staff member. Seven other positions will be re-assigned internally, remain unfilled or be eliminated as the proposed changes are implemented.


Administration also announced that incorporated in WAU’s increased 2019-2020 budget, are cost of living increases, an increase in faculty compensation (as recommended by the Faculty Rank and Review Committee) and new student resources. This includes graduation success support, external scholarship counseling, student mental health education and improved, state-of-the-art WIFI infrastructure.


All of these steps will be taken to ensure the continued viability of Columbia Union’s flagship educational institution and the health of the greater WAU learning community as we work to ensure an enduring impact on the community and world around us.


We will continue to strive for intentional transparency, direct communication and collaborative planning with our students, faculty, staff, alumni and community as we anticipate the challenges and opportunities of Vision 2030 .


For a list of the 2019-2020 program offerings, visit .


For more information, contact the Richard Castillo, Vice President for Integrated Marketing and Communication:


Below is a list of our degree offerings at WAU. Degrees on hold/teach out are identified with (**).


Associate of Arts (A.A.)**
General Studies
Social Science


Associate of Science (A.S.)**
General Studies


Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
Computer Science**
Information Systems**
Radiologic Technology


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Early Childhood Education /Special Education
Elementary Education /Special Education
English Education
General Studies
Mathematics Education
Political Studies
Physical Education **
Public Communication
Intercultural Communication
Public Relations
Religion /Metropolitan Ministry
Theology /Pastoral Ministry;Metropolitan Ministry
Philosophy of Religion**


Bachelor of Music (B.M.)
Music Education**
Music Performance
Music Therapy – Anticipated Spring 2019


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Business Administration/Entrepreneurship;
Finance; International Business; Management; Marketing
Computer Science
Counseling Psychology
Fitness & Sport Science
General Studies
Health Care Administration
Health/Fitness Management
Health Science
Information Systems
Mathematics Education**
Medical Laboratory Science**
Physical Education**
Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
Master of Arts
Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts in Health Care Administration
Master of Arts in Public Administration**
Master of Arts in Religion**
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Science
Master of Science in Nursing and Business Leadership
Master of Science in Nursing Education**