Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Applicants whose education has been completed in countries other than the United States will be considered for acceptance when they:

Step 1. Complete the WAU application, either online or by sending a hard (paper) copy to Washington Adventist University.

Step 2. Submit official transcripts in the original language (together with official English translations when necessary) or your O/A level exam certificates.
The admissions policy requires transcripts from educational institutions outside the U.S.––to be evaluated by an external evaluating agency. The transcripts must be sent directly to the external agency for evaluation. Request the agency to send a copy of the evaluated document to the Admissions Office at WAU.

Following are the Foreign Transcript Evaluating agencies:

World Educational Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 745
Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113-0745
Telephone: (212) 966-6311
Fax: (212) 966-6395

Step 3. Submit scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP) if English is not the applicant’s native language.
Students whose native language is not English need to submit test results for Test of English Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the Michigan Test for English Language Proficiency (MTELP). The following scores will be used to determine the admission status. All test scores must directly be sent by the testing agency to the Admissions Office at WAU.

TOEFL (Computer-based Test)
213 > Non restricted admission
173-210 Restricted admission
<173 English Language Program

TOEFL (Paper based Test)
550 > Non-restricted admission
500-549 Redistricted admission
<500 English Language Program

Step 4. Submit a recommendation

Character Recommendation:
A character recommendation from an adult preferably your Church Pastor, School Counselor, Employer, or an Elder of your community. Recommendations from relatives and friends are not acceptable.


School of Arts & Social Sciences 

The School of Arts & Social Sciences offers a curriculum focused on fostering the development of the skills essential to be successful in the global service economy of the 21st Century: writing, critical thinking, debate, analysis, and an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

School of Health Professions, Science & Wellness

The School of Health Professions, Science & Wellness employs a philosophy that balances practical training and theory in approaching education for future health sciences professionals. We bridge the gap between concept and practice.

School of Graduate & Professional Studies (SGPS)

For more than 30 years, WAU has been a leader in providing career building undergraduate degree programs for working professionals. WAU has continued to expand those offerings by adding graduate programs. This provides undergraduate students the opportunity to transition into graduate programs and continue to enhance their skills and competitive marketability.


Student Resources

Student Resources