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Written by: (IMC) WAU Integrated Marketing and Communication

Good first impressions are essential. The first moment you have with a new person can spell how you’ll be perceived at every new juncture of your relationship and color every interaction. It is with this important principle in mind that Washington Adventist University is proud and excited to present its built-from-the-ground-up new website.

The priority this medium carries cannot be overstated. WAU markets the university to North America and the world. In many cases, future students might not have the chance to stand on campus until they are on campus to register. The intention is to make sure that each student or parent’s experience online is one that inspires confidence and positivity. As WAU plans to turn more and more eyes in their direction, each student should feel at home, even on our online campus.

The world of technology is changing rapidly, and although WAU is moving is actively moving to stay ahead of trends, you may be surprised that simplicity and accessibility were some of the main priorities in the new site build. The new website should be a much more natural landscape to navigate. “Bread crumbs” have been added to every page. These are not tiny bits of carbs, but the location indicator you’ll see at the top area of each page, to tell you where you are on the site and where you’ve been. You’ll find that each subpage has a small dropdown button on the left side of the page, that if clicked, allows you to see the full navigation around the content you are viewing. is now 100% section 508 compliant. Compliance means that someone who has visual difficulties should be able to navigate our site where much of the internet isn’t accessible. This intentional priority should speak to the careful steps this university is taking to ensure that is putting WAU’s best foot forward.

Richard Castillo, VP for Integrated Marketing and Communication, along with a wide variety of intentional faculty and staff diligently worked with the design firm Marstudio in Rockville, MD, to deliver this updated property to the campus. VP Castillo said, “Being well represented by a modern website lifts morale, creates confidence, and inspires potential students to look deeper at a school we are proud to serve. As we move into our Vision 2030, we are looking to ways to reflect the upward trajectory of our university to the world.”

This site is the beginning of a new era. Although a massive amount of time and effort is invested into this new site launch, is by no means done. This website is a genesis of organization and ingenuity as WAU continues to make changes, update images, craft better content, and make sure that the site continues to move with the times and updated technology.

Please check out the organization, design, and feel of the new and improved The intention is that if you’ve been away for a while, you’ll find yourself looking forward to returning. If this is your very first time to take a look at WAU, the prayer is that you’ve found your new home.

This is Washington Adventist University, proudly found at

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