Michelle was excited for the gift list she made this year! She had just moved into a new apartment and she made a very organized list that was sent to everyone. Artwork, plants, a new dish set…she wanted to make sure she got everything she wanted.


In this process, Michelle started to feel anxious. Who would get what? Would they buy the same thing? Would they get the wrong brand? She began to call everyone to make sure that this or that wouldn’t happen. But as she continued to try and make sure all gifts would be given accordingly, she realized one thing, that she was thinking of no one else but herself! Which wasn’t bringing her any happiness at all!


Michelle decided to let the list go. God will provide, she smiled. Instead, she began to focus her energy on others; reaching out to people and letting them know that the pressure was off, and she just wanted them to share with her one thing – JOY! So they did:


“I’m graduating college soon!”

“I got a new job!”

“I’m going to win her back!”

“My son can say his ABCs backwards!”


Slowly the anxiety she was feeling went away. Hearing the joy of others, made her at peace. She found her happiness from sharing joy.


We may, in this holiday season, forget the reason! Sharing joy, peace, love, and good will towards men. Let’s make sure to take a pause from the material gift giving and remember to reflect on the precious gifts of joy, kindness, and love!

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