Biology | Ready For You!



Our program is designed to prepare students for graduate and professional programs in the healthcare sector such as Medicine, Physician’s Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Medical Science Laboratory.

Our professors are experienced with hands-on technical expertise dedicated to training undergraduate students in classroom and laboratory settings. Their experience is recognized as creative and innovative in pedagogy with technical expertise ranging from recent work in Polymer Chemistry in an academic laboratory setting with collaborative activities with Industrial sector to research and development using the latest tools in molecular biology, genetic, and neurobehavioral methods applied in research and development for the technological enterprise.

We offer innovative revamped curricular activities designed to meet the students’ academic and intellectual needs with a holistic approach. These activities consist of developing critical thinking skills with regular science seminar meetings and practical open discussion forums with students about study habits, test-taking skills, internship opportunities, and career advice (Stepping Up meetings).

We are working on a partnership with the Honors College Program at WAU to enrich our students with experiences abroad. This is our most recent innovation to strengthen our academic program with specific courses in the humanities. Our department has initiated a comprehensive pursuit of private, governmental, and alumni endowments to fund the renovation of laboratory instruments & equipment. This effort is intended to make us more competitive in the region. It will contribute to the restoration of suspended programs and the implementation of selected competitive programs currently in demand in the science and technology sector. In a joint effort with the university’s Office of Development and marketing, our department is launching the campaign for a fully remodeled and expansion of our old Science Building, which will become the new WAU’s STEM Complex Facility.

We offer a student-centered learning experience. In our department, the class size ratio is between 35-40 students per professor, and attention is given to individual learning styles. This contributes to student satisfaction as they are given personalized attention. Our university offers a unique faith-based and safe environment that promotes a spiritual dimension shared by students and faculty, free of extremist ideologies. This contrasts with many larger universities where a growing trend of diffusion of extreme ideologies and censorship challenges individual thinking. We offer the SCISet summer week-long summer preparatory course for freshmen students enrolling in our department. This unique program is designed to help students prepare for the rigor of the first year of studying sciences at a university level. They get a taste of what to expect from professors, course materials, types of exams, and laboratory activities in our very own department.

A fully remodeled and expansion of our old Science Building, which will become the new WAU’s STEM Complex Facility.

We have established partnerships with other academic and scientific federal institutions for internships and scholarships before and after graduation. Our students have regularly participated in research internships at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) during their years at WAU. Also, at this time, we have one of our graduates participating in a postbaccalaureate experience at the highly competitive National Institute of Health (NIH). We have a scholarship set up by an alumnus for dentistry students who will attend the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Furthermore, we are working on an opportunity for our graduates to pursue a graduate degree in Biotechnology at the nearby Catholic University of America with a potential scholarship agreement. Our pre-med students are interviewed by admissions officers at a School of Medicine on the West Coast. The Loma Linda University School of Medicine (LLUSM) holds interviews with our pre-med students at WAU to get to know them personally and follow their progress with potential placement in their medical school after satisfactorily completing all requisites.