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The Department of Business and Computer Science is fully qualified in its respective areas of interest. Each of our full-time faculty has a minimum of 15 years of teaching and industry experience, which adds enormous value to what is delivered to our students in and out of the classroom. The Department of Business and Computer Science has a track record of sending its graduates to law schools and other graduate programs.

Students who matriculate into the Department of Business and Computer Science do so for two primary reasons: (1) to obtain a good job upon graduation and (2) continue their studies in a graduate program of business, computer science, or law school. We are proud of our track record of sending students to the corporate world and professional schools for graduate studies. Our graduates are as successful as other business and computer science majors from four-year colleges in obtaining employment in their chosen field upon graduation. Because we require internships for our graduates, many of them find full-time employment very soon after graduation. Some of the internship opportunities become full-time employment before the students graduate.

The focus of the curriculum is on experiential learning. As such, the business and computer science majors are provided hands-on training through the internship requirement.

Computer and Information Science majors are required to complete an internship prior to graduating from the program. Most of our majors obtain internships with local corporations across the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia areas.

A renewed focus is to have business majors complete the BS and MBA in 5 years. The Department of Business and Computer Science emphasizes the integration of ethical and moral values across the curricula. Also, our majors are honed to utilize their knowledge and skills to serve society with integrity.

Sigma Beta Delta – The University has an active chapter of Sigma Beta Delta, one of the national honors societies for business majors. Juniors and seniors in the top 20 percent of GPA ranking are invited to be a member of this honor society.

ACM – The Association for Computing Machinery is a national society of computer and information science majors that is active on our campus. This organization provides forums and sponsors competition for creative and innovative ideas in the computing technology field.

ENACTUS – A learning community that provides students, professors, and business and community leaders opportunities to work to bring about meaningful change in the community.

Through this department, many opportunities become full-time employment
before graduation.