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HWPE Students are: Academically prepared for graduate schools that specialize in a variety of health-related fields: medicine, physician assistance, physical therapy, public health, exercise science, sports administration, and more!

The following BS degrees prepare students for diverse health and wellness career opportunities in traditional health settings such as hospitals, private offices, public health agencies, and non-profit organizations. Opportunities also exist in corporate wellness, college health services, insurance agencies, and higher education settings.

  • Health Science (BS)—Health educators, health program planners, public health project coordinators, health consultants, wellness coaches, and many more.
  • Health Fitness Management (BS)—Wellness facilities owner or manager, individual or group fitness program instructor, corporate wellness coordinator, personal trainer, and many more.
  • Fitness & Sport Science (BS)—Athletic coach, sports administrator, sports reporter or commentator, sports analyst, sports camp/academy facilitator, and many more.

Here are examples of what HWPE Department Alumni are currently doing:

  • Health Science (BS)—Completed and passed board exams to become Physician Assistants, Physical Therapists (doctorate/DPT), and Occupational Therapists; some alumni are currently in grad school, and others are in the process of applying for medical school or another graduate-level health-related program.
  • Fitness & Sport Science (BS)—An alumnus is coaching Women’s basketball at Wesleyan University while pursuing MBA (Leadership concentration) in Health.
  • Fitness Management (BS)—Alumni are working in Corporate Wellness, as a Game Coordinator for professional teams, Graduate Assistant while on the Coaching staff for Louisiana State University, and Exercise Specialist also managing a team of personal trainers. In February 2021, an HFM alum earned a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education.

 Upon graduation, HWPE Students are: Positioned to become entrepreneurs or managers and are prepared for graduate-level studies. The NASM certifications allow students to contract with clients to conduct individual or group fitness programs. HWPE majors will have the ability to organize and own or manage health-fitness/wellness facilities, design and implement fitness/wellness programs, or administer sports programs.

Plans for 2021-2022 Academic Year:

Establish an advisory board—of Alumni and Employers in related fields—that will research best practices to evaluate the curricula and maintain an effective educational experience for students.

Assist with researching internship and scholarship opportunities.

Provide mentoring for HWPE students, including peer-to-peer mentoring between upperclassmen and underclassmen.

Establish an HWPE Alumni Network to support departmental needs and services, mentor students, and showcase Alumni’s talents and success.