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All faculty are Ph.D. trained for teaching, counseling, and research from a Spiritual worldview and holistic understanding of human behavior: Mental, Physical, and Spiritual outstanding clinical resources in Nation’s Capital: Sheppard-Pratt Psychiatric Hospital, National Institute of Mental Health Cooper-Ridge, Neuro-Cognitive Institute for Johns Hopkins University, and Adventist Behavioral Health.

Popular Forensic Psychology Minor

MA 60 Hr Clinical Mental Health Counseling licensure program

M.Ed. 48 hr School Counseling degree Program

MOUs with PGCPS, Adventist Behavioral Health, Frontline.

MOU with Chicago School of Professional Psychology for doctoral admission—Smithsonian Museum for Anthropology Forensic Lab experience

FBI Forensic Lab experience

Average 90% passing rate for National Counselor Exam.

First bachelor’s degree for psychology in SDA denomination in 1961

100% placement for Practicum and Internship experiences

Psi Chi Honor Society Chapter

Rated #8 on nationwide list of university counseling programs (Bachelor’s)

Highly rated psychology conferences held annually in the D.C. Metro area

100% employment in the counseling field upon MA degree graduation. Students, upon earning a bachelor’s degree, gain employment in diverse fields such as business, marketing, research, sales, human resources, social work, and mental health.