A Sunday Morning Protest: As Told By Delaina Williams

Written by: Delaina Williams

Sunday Morning in Takoma Park I met up with Coach Lyons  and two former teammates Emily and Monica who were also my friends for a protest.

I didn’t know what to expect or what kind of crowd would be there

But upon arriving I was literally stunned and had goosebumps all over when I saw the amount of people that were there. People from every race, children, young adults, adults and even elderly! 

To see my neighbors and people I’ve randomly come across in the grocery store all in one spot to Protest, was such a beautiful thing — As I was walking I read signs and heard heard chants


“Black lives matter”

“Say his name! George Floyd”

“Say her name! Brianna Taylor”

“No justice no peace!”

“Black kids lives matter”

“Hey hey ho ho these racist cops they have to GO!”


The spirit of unity was so strong Iike I’ve never felt before. The love and the support of so many to come out to stand fight injustice brought tears to my eyes

To see they care 

Seeing it through videos is one thing but to experience it was like no other. 

As  the walk began we cheered and chanted as loud as we could so that those passing could hear us and those driving by could see and hear us.

We wanted  to make sure that Takoma park knew we don’t stand for injustice, we don’t stand racism, and we stand for equality. Black lives matter!

We could hear people cheering us on from the windows of their houses and honks from those driving by

It was so beautiful to see young children starting a chant, showing confidence and standing up and supporting others!

These kids are our future! And to see them at a young age, fighting against whats wrong…

There’s really nothing like it 

It’s amazing, it’s inspiring, and it’s beautiful


While walking I saw two children playing, one black and one white, it was beautiful and it made me smile but it also broke my heart knowing that if things don’t change that the little black boy may not  have the same opportunity or same respect because of the color of his skin

It made me think of my two children Julian and Jaiden who are 3 years old 

To have to possibly face hardships in life simply because they are black 

I will NOT be silent 

When you’re silent what side are you on?

This protest made me stronger, made me more confident and it made me want to be apart of this movement more than I did before I went 

That day was memorable 

I gained strength and confidence

The emotion It gave me, remembering the pain and hurt I have felt from oppression and racism… 

 I shouted chants at the top of my lungs when they died down because:

We CANNOT stop until justice it’s rightfully served 

We CANNOT stop until corrupt and racist cops are gone 

We CANNOT stop as long as racism against our brothers and sisters exist

And we CANNOT stop until there is peace, love, and equality 

Therefore we can NEVER stop fighting 

Until it’s about one race 

The Human race 


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