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We Welcome Our New and Returning International Students:

Washington Adventist University invites students from around the world to live, learn, and engage with others locally and globally to become future moral leaders in the world. Our international students are our ambassadors for WAU!

International students have a lot to deal with when they come from overseas and faraway places: adjusting to local culture, language and customs, food, making new friends, understanding the educational system, building relationships with faculty and staff, and just moving into college life.

Preparation for Safety and Wellness:

The office of the International Students Program is making careful plans for all our new and returning students to return to a safe campus in the 2021 fall. While masking, social distancing, and sanitizing regularly are mandated on campus, we also are taking extreme precautions in making sure our buildings, classrooms, lobbies, hallways, labs, meeting rooms, staff offices, gym, residence halls, and restrooms follow safety measures/guidelines. WAU will constantly keep abreast with the CDC’s guidelines for safety and will make informed decisions based on medical and scientific research.

Your Academic, Social, and Spiritual Journey at WAU: We are here to support you all the Way!

Our dedicated faculty, administrators, and staff are ready to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Academic support services are available at the Betty Howard Center for Student Success. Providing numerous opportunities for building friendships, connecting with the community, and holistic development is our priority. We are a Christian educational institution and believe that everyone is created in the image of God and, therefore, should be valued and respected.

Your Immigration Rights and Responsibilities:

Our Designated School Officials (DSO) will assist students with their immigration needs to maintain status and address any questions they might have concerning the changing regulations due to COVID-19.

For additional information, contact: Dr. Beulah Manuel, Director for International Student Program. Phone: (301)891-4184 Email:

International Students, we welcome you and are excited to meet you on campus in the 2021 Fall!