Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration

Health Care Administration

The health care administration major provides a sound theoretical and practical working knowledge of the field of health care management and administration.

Students are provided various management tools and skills necessary to function effectively at the supervisory level within the health care industry and for graduate study in the field. The program is designed for the adult student with work experience in the area of health care.

Health Care Administration Core Curriculum

36 hours

HCAD 300 Health Care Organization Theory and Management Practice 3
HCAD 310 Management Skills Assessment 3
HCAD 320 Research Methods and Statistics 3
HCAD 340 Personnel Management 3
HCAD 350 Health Care Information Systems Management 3
HCAD 380 Business Data Analysis 3
Completion of ACCT 211 with a “C” or higher is prerequisite to this course.
HCAD 400 Planning in Health Care 3
HCAD 410 Managerial Economics 3
HCAD 420 Health Care Finance 3
Completion of ACCT 211 with a “C” or higher is prerequisite to this course.
HCAD 430 Legal Issues and Public Policy in Health Care 3
INTD 315 Ethics in Modern Society 3
HCAD 499 Guided Independent Research Project 3
General Education Requirements  29-38 hours
Prerequisite Requirement 3 hours
ACCT 211 Principles of Accounting I 3
With grade of “C” or higher.


43-52 hrs

It is expected that most of these electives have been completed prior to the student’s enrollment in this program.

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