What is an Endowed Scholarship Fund?

Ever since its beginning, Washington Adventist University has strived to live by its motto, “Gateway to Service.” One way to fulfill this goal was by founding an Endowed Scholarship Fund. This Fund was established several years ago to provide alumni and friends with the opportunity to contribute to the education of worthy students.

An Endowed Scholarship Fund at Washington Adventist University starts at $20,000 and is usually given in “honor” or “memory” of a loved one. On the website, you will see how this program has grown through the years as relatives and friends have set up named scholarships either in “memory” or “honor” of a loved one or in honor of a person who has made a deep impression in their life.

Several students each year are able to attend Washington Adventist University because of Endowed Funds. An Endowed Scholarship can specify which Washington Adventist University student receives a scholarship. For example, some have set up funds for biology students and others have set up funds for music students, and some just want to make money available for students to receive a Christian education.


The Jessie Adams Memorial Fund

The Albert Butler Endowment

The Ciccarelli-Bennett Ministerial Scholarship Fund

The William and Esther Coffman Endowment Fund for Pastoral Ministry

The Fern Forshee Endowment

The Leonard Alvin Gregory Endowed Scholarship

The Angus Wheeler McDonald Scholarship Fund

The Emma Iverson Paul Endowment Fund

The Show Endowment for Education Majors

The Bernice Tilkens Endowment Fund

The Gallagher/Wood Endowment Fund

The David Wood Endowment Fund

Business and Computer Endowment

Class Endowments

The Wilton and Minnie Iverson Wood Endowment Fund

The David Weir Scholarship

The L.G. Small Endowment

The Mary Louise Richardson Endowment Fund

The Cynthia Ellen Northrop Nursing Student Scholarship

The Walter J. McComb Endowment

The Allen Clapp Endowment Fund

The John Cannon Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Eleanor Mabel Johnson Bennett Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. Gladstone P. Gurubatham LIfelong Learning Endowment

The Dr. Ouida E. Spleen Westney Nursing Endowed Scholarship