Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in counseling psychology provides the kind of preparation needed by deans, guidance counselors and high school psychology teachers when combined with appropriate education courses.

A practicum is required. At least one semester prior to taking the practicum the student is required to contact the program coordinator to arrange for the practicum. A minor or second major is strongly recommended.

Counseling Psychology Core Curriculum

36 hours

PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology3
PSYC 210Developmental Psychology3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 240Stress Management3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 285Adolescent Psychology3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 355Social Psychology3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 360Learning/Motivation3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 385Psychological Testing3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105, MATH 110  
PSYC 435Dynamics of Individual Counseling3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105 
PSYC 440Dynamics of Group Counseling3
 Prerequisite: PSYC 105, PSYC 435  
PSYC 465Theories of Personality3
 Prerequisites: PSYC 105, PSYC 210, PSYC 360 
PSYC 496Practicum3
 Prerequisites: PSYC 210, PSYC 285, PSYC 355, PSYC 360, PSYC 385, PSYC 435 
Students are required to make arrangements to complete the 120 hours of required practicum experience with the practicum supervisor. It is advisable to complete eight hours a week for 15 weeks in order to satisfy this program requirement.
Required Cognates:7 hours
CPTR 105Introduction to Computers3
MATH 110Probability and Statistics4

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