Business Administration | M.B.A

Graduate Studies Program

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) degree is offered to provide an opportunity to develop advanced business skills in a small university setting, located near real-world business opportunities in Washington, D.C.

Through nontraditional scheduling, the program endeavors to meet the needs of individuals who have family, job and community responsibilities, and who are seeking a more productive role in society through higher education.

Applications and registrations for the Master of Business Administration degree are processed by the School of Graduate and Professional Studies. Admission, academic testing and graduation eligibility are determined by the university’s Admissions office and Office of the Registrar.


  1. Completion of an undergraduate business degree or an alternate undergraduate degree with successful completion of required prerequisite courses.
  2. Graduate School application.
  3. Overall undergraduate GPA of 2.75. Applicants whose GPA falls between 2.60 and 2.74 must submit a minimum GMAT score of 500 in order to be considered for admission.
  4. Quality of written statement and curriculum vitae.
  5. Interview with the director.
  6. All applications and transcripts must be sent directly to the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the MBA Program, graduates will demonstrate the following:

  • Developed or enhanced leadership skills that will enable the learner to lead and work in small or large groups within various organizations
  • Developed or enhanced effective communication skills that will enable the learner to create, write and verbally present a variety of effective written business documents
  • Developed or enhanced ability to apply, analyze and/or integrate business knowledge and information to any given business situation
  • Developed or enhanced ability to apply critical thinking and analytical skills to solve problems in any dynamic business situation
  • Developed or enhanced ability to apply ethical reasoning skills to recognize and analyze ethical issues of business decisions and situations
  • Developed or enhanced understanding of core business concepts in fundamental areas of business operations, including accounting, economic, management, finance, and marketing, cybersecurity, data analysis principles; quantitative business analysis; business information systems; and business law.

Master of Business Administration

The curriculum consists of 37 hours of study and provides a solid foundation in major business functional areas. Information literacy, speaking, writing and interpersonal skills are stressed throughout the curriculum.

Due to the intensive nature of the program, it must be assumed that students are familiar with basic business concepts and applications in a variety of business discipline areas.
The following undergraduate courses serve as prerequisites to core M.B.A. courses:

ACCTPrinciples of Accounting Course(s) – ACCT 211 or 304
ECONMicroeconomics and Macroeconomics, or a combination course
ECON 265 and 266 in traditional program, ECON 375 in SGPS
MATH 110Probability and Statistics



22 hours

ACCT 610Managerial Accounting3
BAUD 500Graduate School Fundamentals1
BUAD 560Management Communication3
ECON 528Managerial Economics3
FNCE 680Corporate Finance3
MGMT 622Developing Ethical Leadership3
MGMT 689Strategic Management3
MKTG 676Marketing Management 



15 hours

ACCT 567Corporate Taxation3
ACCT 586Tax Research3
ACCT 610Managerial Accounting3
ACCT 615Accounting Theory3
ACCT 630Advanced Auditing Topics3
BUAD 555Decision Science and Statistics for Managers3
MGMT 540Operations Management3
MGMT 621Group Behavior and Team Building3
MGMT 630Managing Human Capital3



37 hours