Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in business administration provides a general background in the major areas of the business enterprise: management, accounting, finance, marketing, legal and planning.

In addition, the student may choose to gain specialized knowledge through one of the three tracks offered: entrepreneurship, finance or human resources. The program is designed to expose students to current theory and practice and to provide them with an opportunity to utilize what they have learned both inside and outside the classroom.

Objectives/Core Competencies

Across the curriculum the Department of Business seeks to instill fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities, known as core competencies.

Business Administration Core Curriculum

34 hours

MGMT 345Essential Supervisory Techniques3
ACCT 304Managerial Accounting4
 Completion of ACCT 211 with “C” or higher is prerequisite to this course. 
ECON 375Economic Fundamentals for Managers4
COMM 105Principles of Business Finance4
 Completion of ACCT 211 with “C” or higher is prerequisite to this course. 
FNCE 335Ethics in Modern Society3
INTD 315Business Law3
BUAD 320Marketing3
BUAD 370Decision Sciences4
 Completion of MATH 110 with “C” or higher is prerequisite to this course. 
INTD 327Issues in Religion and Culture3
MGMT 490Business Strategy3
 Completion of 28 semester hours of the business administration core curriculum is prerequisite to this course.
BUAD 499Guided Independent Research Project0


Elective Track Courses

9 – 10 hrs

Tracks are designed to give the student specialized knowledge in a particular area of business. 


Entrepreneurship Track

6 hrs

MGMT 465Small Business Management2
MGMT 466Project Management2
 Completion of FNCE 467 is prerequisite to this course. 
MGMT 468Development of a Business Plan3
 Completion of MGMT 466 is prerequisite to this course 
FNCE 467Financial Analysis and Planning for Entrepreneurs3
 Completion of ACCT 211 and MGMT 465 is prerequisite to this course 


Finance Track

10 hrs

FNCE 485Financial Management2
 Completion of ACCT 211 and FNCE 335 is prerequisite to this course. 
FNCE 486Investment Fundamentals2
 Completion of FNCE 485 is prerequisite to this course. 
FNCE 487Security Analysis and Valuation3
 Completion of FNCE 486 is prerequisite to this course. 
FNCE 488Commercial Bank Management 
 Completion of FNCE 486 is prerequisite to this course. 


Human Resource Track

9 hrs

MGMT 445Managing Compensation Systems2
MGMT 446Labor Policy and Employee Involvement2
MGMT 447Managing Performance2
MGMT 448Strategic Human Resources3


Required Cognates

6 hrs

INSY 320Computer Concepts II3
MATH 110Probability and Statistics.3


Prerequisite Requirement

3 hrs

ACCT 211Principles of Accounting I3
 With grade of “C” or higher 


General Education Requirements

29-38 hours


39 – 48 hours

Two hours of electives must be upper division unless a track course is completed.
It is expected that most of these electives have been completed prior to the student’s enrollment in this program.


120 hours


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