School of Health Professions Science and Wellness

The School of Heath Professions, Science and Wellness supports the mission of Washington Adventist University by seeking to provide a Christ-centered learning experience that fosters the growth and development of moral leaders prepared for service in science, technology, mathematics, wellness and the health professions.

Department of Biology

The Department of Biology seeks to create an environment where students can learn: the concepts of biology within a biblical worldview, to encourage a sense of curiosity and realization of the excitement and reward that goes with discovery of the beauty and complexity of the living world, to see the importance of using their knowledge and talents in service to others and to encourage them to contribute to society.

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the fundamental sciences and provides exciting opportunities to investigate the interface between the real, observable world around us and the abstract realm of ideas. The mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide an atmosphere of mentorship for the purpose of educating and producing well-rounded chemists who combine experimental observations with theoretical deductions to find a new understanding of our universe with a well-defined, ever-growing system of concepts.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems prepares technically skilled critical thinkers who create effective technological solutions with integrity and professionalism as they pursue advanced studies and serve in industry. The selection of courses prepares students for success in system administration, scientific research, data processing management, and systems analysis through theoretical foundations and practical implementation of the science of computing.

Department of Health, Wellness & Physical Education

The Department of English and Modern Languages seeks to: enable students to apply The Department of Health, Wellness, and Physical Education (HWPE) focuses on the body of knowledge accumulated concerning human movement, a phenomenon considered essential and an integral part of human existence. Physical education is a part of the total educational process that has as its goal the development of physically, mentally, psychosocially and spiritually balanced individuals through the medium of physical activities and wellness promotion.

Department of Nursing

The mission of the Edyth. T James Department of Nursing is the immersion of students into a Christocentric nursing environment, which fosters the harmonious development of human beings, while instilling the essence of Christian caring in the nursing role with a focus on service through practice, research and global leadership.

Department of Mathematics

Through teaching, the Department of Mathematics seeks to prepare students with the mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills and dispositions that enable them to excel in their chosen careers. We help our students to build a strong basis for development of the fundamental skills necessary for the creation of a learning community that challenges students to “become moral leader in communities throughout the world.”

Department of Medical Imaging

The mission of the Department of Medical Imaging is to educate professionals as radiologic technologists who are able to deliver clinical excellence and quality service to the community. The department is committed to providing quality associate level radiologic technology education. This exciting field in health care offers students the opportunity to find employment in hospitals and private offices, as well as education, research and specialized modalities.

Medical Laboratory Science

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Science program is to provide a foundation for training moral and ethical individuals who are committed to lifelong learning and personal excellence. The four-year program in Medical Laboratory Science is designed to prepare medical laboratory scientists for responsible positions in management and specialty areas with an in-depth understanding of diseases and their identification in the medical laboratory.