Associate of Science in General Studies

Associate of Science in General Studies

The Associate of Science degree offered through the School of Professional and Graduate Studies (SGPS) requires the completion of three components:

  1. A general studies concentration of 24 hours.
  2. A General Education component.
  3. A sufficient number of electives to complete a total of 60 hours.

At least 15 hours must be completed at Washington Adventist University, of which nine hours must be in the General Studies concentration.

The Associate of Science degree in General Studies requires a minimum of 60 semester hours of credit. Requirements are listed below. Please note that no course may be used to meet more than one requirement.

General Studies Concentration

24 hours

General Education

24 hours

Core Competencies6 hours
ENGL 101First-Year Composition3
ENGL 102Research and Literature3
Religious Studies (choose two)6 hours
RELBReligion Electives (3; 3) 
Physical/Natural Sciences (choose one)4 hours
BIOLBiology (4) 
CHEMChemistry (4)3
PHYSPhysics (4)3
Mathematics4 hours
MATHMathematics elective 
Social Sciences3 hours
PSYC 105Introduction to Psychology (3) 
SOCI 105General Sociology (3) 
Physical Education1 hour
PEACPhysical Education activity eective (1) 
Electives:12 hours


60 hours


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