Class Schedule

Class Schedule Information

To search for up-to-the-minute information on classes:

  1. Go to WebAdvisor.
  2. Select Prospective Students (orange color).
  3. Look under Admissions Information (bottom left-hand corner).
  4. Select Search for Sections.
  5. Select the appropriate Term (example: 2018 Spring)*
  6. Select Subject only, in order to view the entire term schedule for the subject
    that you chose. Click “Submit”.
  7. Alternatively, you may search or limit your search by Instructor Name, Day of the Week, time, etc.

*Please note that if you are searching for courses offered through WAU’s School of Graduate

and Professional Studies, you should select a term that contains the phrase,

Gr/Professional Studies” (e.g, 2018 Spring Gr/Professional Studies). Traditional school

courses appear in a seperate term (e.g., 2018 Spring).


To answer any additional questions you may have please refer to our Class Schedule FAQ