Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers two four-year curricula leading to the Bachelor of Arts in General Psychology and the Bachelor of Science degree in Counseling Psychology.  The department also offers two Master of Arts degree programs. One M.A. degree in Professional Counseling Psychology and the other M.A. degree is offered in Counseling Psychology. Both degree programs are offered through the School of Graduate and Professional Studies at WAU.  Each course is built on the basic philosophy that the “true principles of psychology are found in the Holy Scriptures (1MCP 10.1).”


Career Development


The bachelor’s degree in psychology provides adequate preparation for graduate school. For professional practice in the field, additional psychology courses in graduate school may be required. Recent developments indicate that an undergraduate degree in psychology also makes a sound basis for paraprofessional, community, and public affairs programs. The psychology student is advised to become a student member of American Psychological Association and to study The Psychology Major and Career Opportunities for Psychologists published by that organization.


Programs Offered


Psychology (BA), Counseling Psychology (BS)


Minors: Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Behavioral Science


Counseling Psychology (MA), Professional Counseling Psychology (MA)


Course Descriptions


Read the Department of Psychology section in the Academic bulletin.

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